Biodent gums are divided into 4 main and 14 sub-categories.

Mini steak sugar-free gums in 8 different flavors, sugar-free draje gums in 4 special tastes and Naturedent and Two in one series are supplied in a unique way


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About Us

​The main features of BIODENT brand are its capability to help dental oral Heath. All types of BIODENT products will pass the laboratory stage from the perspective of four tests as long lasting taste, texture quality, microbiological and stability testing compounds of formula scrutiny and it is of course important to note that this process has been done not only before the production start but also in mass production randomly.

We have managed, using the best raw materials from the world's most prominent companies producing flavors & gum base to create a product which not only in terms of flavors and taste has no similar one, but due to the use of biocompatible compounds teeth and oral cavity, takes care of your teeth, Oral bacteria removal and prevent tooth decay. We will hereby assure you have the innovative and special flavors and chewing gum in your access for people all over the world by the end of 2020, and all age groups can enjoy the cawing of a BIODENT gum as a health oral and dental care product.

The brand BIODENT presence in foreign countries and the introduction of product capabilities for all supporters of the health is our fame. All the creativity and quality standards have been adopted for BIODENT and attention has been spread to all groups of children, youth, adults, the blind and others.

Two social responsibility project aimed at providing free dental services and education to the deprived classes of society (known as mobile clinics of BIODENT "Dental assistant plan")., And the other project “ Braille “ (written in Braille on the packaging of frankincense gum, Mojito and 4 functioning pellet) have been implemented to protect the rights of blind people of our country.


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